Marine systems simulation
2 Installation and setup

This page is outdated and no longer reflects the installation procedure.
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To get started, you will need the following:

Installing FhSim

After installing FhSim the license file can either be put in the FhSim bin folder, or set by the environemtal variable SFH_LICENSE_FILE. You could also consider to put add FhSim to the PATH.


Update link for downloading the fhsim installer.

Update procedure for obtaining a license file.

Check install for both Windows and Linux in clean machines.

Linux specifics

For Ubuntu >=20 and Debian >=11 you also would need to install libgl1. If you also want Vulkan support you need to install libvulkan1. To install both:

sudo apt install libgl1 libvulkan1

Checking installation

To check the installatin you could simply run the FhSim executable without any arguments.


Then, a help-message for the use of FhSim will appear.

Run FhSim without visualization
In a command window from the binary directory run
FhSim --input-file <input_file>
This runs the standard FhSim executable without visualization. Some sample input files are kept in the examples folder in the FhSim install directory.
Run FhSim with visualization
In a command window from the binary directory run
FhVis --input-file <input_file>
This runs the standard FhSim executable with visualization. If this is the first time the visualization is run, you will get a dialog asking for visualization options. Choose one of the available rendering systems and set Full screen = No. A window should pop up, containing the visualization.
If you want to change the visualization settings you need to either edit orgre.cfg or delete it (plased in the resources/ in your FhSim install directory) folder to reinforce the setup-popup.
If you want FhSim, or FhVis to run real-time, you can call the corresponding executables FhRtSim and FhRtVis, respectively.